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Derek posing for me just before his 10k.

After a very busy week in Cleveland we have arrived home victorious. Here’s a silly video that provides some highlights, and/or you can read a recap of our events below (click on photos to make them big):

Password: livelifegivelife

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Work Stuff

I have fun making logos for these theme shows.

I have fun making logos for these theme shows.

Every once in a while, we put together a theme show on Word of Mouth. The latest one was the brain child of our senior producer and it’s all about walking. She did an amazing job putting it together, and I think it’s a top notch episode of the show. We also thought it was a good opportunity to make a video promo. I’ve been learning how to use Adobe Premiere at work to edit video and used this as an opportunity to practice using the program. I typically use iMovie when I make my silly videos, and while it’s an easy program that produces solid results, Premiere is definitely a step up for me. I am definitely still learning, but this was a fun opportunity to try a few things I’ve learned in our training sessions. Special thanks to Jim & Sandi for sharing some of their personal GoPro footage, and to Derek for showing up multiple times. He is the star of all my favorite B roll footage.

Here’s a link to the show if you’d like to listen:

The Walking Show

And here’s a link to the video I made to promo the show:

Video Promo


Wednesday Five

Logan has been handling the posts lately as I have been recovering from a cold. Honestly, I also forgot about the posts – it must be the cold getting to my brain. It’s a good thing Logan is on top of things! Logan reminded me to post for today, so here are five things that I’ll share with y’all:

  • New England Organ Bank sent out their January newsletter: April is Donate Life month and April 17th is blue and green day. Set your calendar.
  • I don’t like car repairs, and tires are not my friend. I have a slow leak that occurred sometime last week, and today I narrowed down where it’s escaping. I don’t like buying new tires, fixing tires, or anythign about them. I once had an idea that cars should have concrete tires and the roads should be inflatable rubber to eliminate most of these problems. There’s also this idea:

  • Logan informed me on Monday that it was National Pizza Day. I couldn’t find an authoritative reference that this is true. It’s on Wikipedia, which links to an Indian Economic Times article, but where did they get their information? In my research, National Pizza with Everything (but Anchovies) is on November 12th. Google offered to remind me of this date, and it was also published in the academic journal Gastronomica and therefore I trust the information.
  • Logan and I warned the high school students about Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and yesterday Scientific American had an article: Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: America’s Greatest Health Risk of 2015?
  • Take a look at snow depths here: We only have 20-25 inch snowpack. We need more.


Enjoy your Wednesday!

Engineered Sweat

Yesterday, we interviewed one of the directors of a new ESPN 30 for 30 documentary–Neil Amdur–about the history of Gatorade. When I engineer tapings I get to call the guests and then chit chat with them to make sure they sound good and the sound levels are all right for recording. The public radio tradition is to ask people their names–so we can get a pronouncer–their occupation–to verify we have it right in the script–and what they had for breakfast. Ostensibly because that is something most people can recall easily. But I really am interested in what they had for breakfast. Neil and I both had smoothies yesterday.

Neil was a great interview–you can listen to it on our show tomorrow at 2:00p–and this little short tells such a fascinating story. It’s mind boggling to think that just 50 years ago players were dehydrated on purpose. I remember skiing with my sister in Colorado years ago and completely bonking after taking a few morning runs. Someone handed me a Gatorade and it was like drinking liquid magic; I was amazed by how much better I felt. Electrolytes! Who knew?

The Year of Living

In 2014, after 10+ years with a ticking time bomb of a liver, Derek bid his faithful abdominal companion adieu. Meanwhile, I readied sixty percent of my own liver to take up residence in my better half. That was supposed to be it, we wanted to fix this ourselves like so many broken things in our life. We replaced the thermocouple in our furnace by ourselves, we fixed the dishwasher with a $10 replacement part, and we planned to fix Derek’s diseased liver with a bit of my own. Alas, it wasn’t to be. And while the months of April and May were more stressful than either of us could have ever prepared for, when June came, we finally started to recover. Going for short walks, then long walks, then hikes, cooking copious amounts of protein packed meals and remembering the crazy adventure we’d both been a part of. Healing is transformative but slow, and we are not done recovering. But for now, we’re ready to live.

The password is: 2014