From Logan

Photo by Greta Rybus

Photo by Greta Rybus

I wanted to start this blog as a repository for my thoughts on this process (read: keep me sane) and to invite others to support us as we go through the steps to successful transplantation. I am not taking this lightly, though you may experience ridiculous posts from me at times. I have invited Derek to post as well, and time will tell if that is something he will choose to do. You will likely see a radical difference between our two writing styles. Plus, I will likely never discuss math.

5 thoughts on “From Logan

  1. Barbara Burnham says:

    Logan, nice picture :). Here for you both, D will get thru this with flying colors and with you behind him, how can he not. XO

  2. Jess Riggs Garton says:

    We kept a blog while Quinlan was in the NICU. It totally keeps the sanity, helps you vent, and keeps everyone informed. It is a great idea, and I plan to check this one daily. I love you both, am thinking of you, and am always here if you need me!

  3. Rebecca Lavoie says:

    You need to discuss more math.

  4. Logan, you and the Angels are working together alongside my family’s prayers.
    PS Your Dad is amazing. .like you, I’m a forever HUGE sQs fan.

  5. Mary and Hal Harrison says:

    We are so happy that Derek has gotten a liver and we hope that he has a speedy recovery.
    Our thoughts are with you both.

    Mary and Hal Harrison

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