Donate Life Month 2018

I think it’s pretty great that Donate Life Month is the same month Derek received his first transplant. Every April (so far) we’ve been asked to speak to an audience (often at a hospital) and share our transplant story and this year we’ll be heading to Catholic Medical Center here in Manchester to speak to doctors, nurses, and staff during a grand rounds presentation. We like talking to all kinds of groups but we are both pretty partial to talking to medical professionals because it gives us the opportunity to geek about science and drop terms like Roux-en-Y jejunostomy, alkaline phosphotase, and everyone’s favorite conjugated and unconjugated bilirubin. Riveting!

This year Blue & Green day is Friday April 13th and if you’re so inclined, wear the colors of organ donation awareness and when someone compliments you on your keen fashion sense, feel free to share our story and brag about being an organ donor. And, as always, we’d love to see photos of your rad outfits, so send them our way.

We’re also getting excited for the Transplant Games in August and we’ll be providing updates on our training regimen (I promise to *actually* train for my track events this year) and what you can do to help support the team. More to come on that soon. Derek promises to also write a post soon about his running, he admitted the other day that he might actually like running now. Hmm. Interesting.

One Reply to “Donate Life Month 2018”

  1. I always enjoy reading about your
    activities and adventures. You both are perfect ambassadors to share your life experiences about organ donation. Thank you for sharing.

    Love, Mom

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