Pinkerton Academy Science Week

Today we spoke to some Freshmen and Sophomore Health and Biology students about livers and organ donation for a local high school’s Science Week and they asked loads of good questions and several students knew about the myth of Prometheus and I was so happy I wanted to hug them, but gave them branded swag instead.

We really love talking to High School kids about livers and organ donation, they are a mostly captive audience and they ask such interesting and thoughtful questions. One young woman asked how our relationship changed after our experience and we told her we now hate each other because we are weirdos when it comes to Feelings®. Then we told her how much work we did before the surgery and how important it is to be honest with your partner always but especially when you go through such a profound and life changing experience. And we also told her we’re besties for life, because we are.

Next month is Donate Life Month and we’re scheduled to talk at one of the hospitals here in town, the very hospital where Derek spent some time in the ICU almost 5 years ago. Time flies when you have a healthy liver. We’ll be sure to fill you in on that event which will be a presentation to medical professionals. Doctors and nurses are our other favorite audience because we get to pull out all the charts and graphs. We ♡ charts and graphs. We are also hoping we get booked for some more talks in April because we love telling people about our crazy science experiment. Fingers crossed.

One of the teachers very kindly snapped a couple of shots of us in action.
We got swept up in the crowd of students on our way back to the main office and we really tried to blend in. “How do you do, fellow kids?”


5 Replies to “Pinkerton Academy Science Week”

  1. Sounds like a valuable experience for you guys and the students. Glad you are both well and that you are still each other’s besties🙂

    1. Great question. We are negotiating our complicated rider currently (Need a fridge full of Mr. Cucumber for me and a wood fired pizza oven for Derek) so there’s been a bit of a delay, but we will definitely keep you posted.

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