Best of Liver Lovers Unite: Week of April 13th

If you missed the update from yesterday, the doctor’s visit has been postponed until next Friday. And I was so looking forward to the CT scan.

It’s Blue & Green Day! Did you dress up? Send us your pics!

Also, starting next week we’re going to put the blog in semi-stasis. This doesn’t mean we won’t ever post, it just means it won’t happen on the regular anymore. We are so thankful to you, our loyal readers and hope that during this liver transplant adventure it’s been helpful for all of you to follow along. You can expect updates and posts when we visit doctors, or go on particularly picturesque adventures (our posts that have photos tend to get the most views!) or if that f@#$*ng bilirubin ever agrees to go down to a normal level. My hope is that I will finally begin piecing together the events of the past year or so into a more cohesive form. I have lots of bits and pieces of the story started, but I think it’s high time I get cracking on that book I’m always thinking/talking about.

The tumblr will continue because I love tumblr. Feel free to check in on Liver Lovers Unite if you need a giggle. Have a great weekend!

1. Rubik’s cube solving and breakdancing???

2. Hole Punch Flip Books


3. Honey on Tap

4. If you watch HouseHunters you might find this amusing.

The Script for Every House Hunters International Everywhere

5. Great photo. Better caption.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 8.05.52 PM


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