One Year Checkup!

UPDATE: Well, they couldn’t fit Logan in for this Friday, so we’ll be going next Friday!

We’ll be heading down to the doctor’s office on Friday for a one year checkup. Provided they actually schedule Logan for the tests (that’s still in doubt), it should be Logan’s final visit as a patient with the surgeons. They’ll be poking and probing her, e.g. a CT scan, and ensuring that the liver has grown back to 100%.

I will also be visiting the surgeons for a normal discussion about AST, ALT, and our favorite, bilirubin. I will not have as much poking and probing, thankfully. We can’t wait to visit the nurses and doctors and show them our wonderful progress this time!

Coincidentally, Friday is blue and green day! Make sure you wear appropriate clothing and send us pictures! Go Team Organ Donation!

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