There have been some obvious changes over the past year, and some less obvious changes. One of the least important and most interesting is my belly button. I had a mixed belly button – I always thought it was an innie or a hybrid. After discussion with friends, and research, there was always the conclusion that I was incorrect, and it was an outie. Note: Do NOT search Google for belly button images. Somehow it’s disturbing to look at so many at one time.

When they performed my life-saving surgery, they did not have a belly button plastic surgeon on call. It’s not a concern of mine, but there is a difference. My new belly button is now a definite innie.  So much so, I’m a regular lint factory.

I knew there would be some life changes, and the doctor’s informed me that I would require immuno-suppressants for the rest of my life, but they failed to inform me about this critical detail: the necessity for cleansing the daily lint accumulation.

One Reply to “Differences”

  1. 🙂 What an amazing sentence: “One of the least important and most interesting [changes] is my belly button.”

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