Weekend Recap: April 10-12

Free the toes!
Free the toes!

Spring finally sprung and not a moment too soon. We got up early on Saturday and I blitz cleaned the house while Derek went for a run. It was relatively warm, but still pretty windy so we spent the afternoon cleaning up from all the winter storms. We lost a few branches that needed to be cut up, our forsythia was pretty messed up after having about 5 feet of snow dumped on it, and our neighbor had a broken branch in her tree that needed trimming. All told we had about 5 barrels full of just branches. Yowza. After a day of yard work we went for a nice walk around the neighborhood and then made a big pot of asparagus risotto and grilled some chicken for dinner.

On Sunday we decided to take advantage of all that snow still on the mountains and went for a spring ski. It was an odd crowd at the mountain; lots of folks that seemed to think they were training for the Alpine World Cup. We saw a few jeans, a lot of shorts, and 3 snowboarders in hard boots with racing set-ups (this is a really rare sight.) And while Derek was by far the most stylish on the mountain, he did get a shout of approval from a snowboarder sporting a mohawk and wearing a kilt. The snow was a mix of peanut butter, mashed potatoes and icy patches so we didn’t stay too long, but the weather was picture perfect. We were both reminded of how tiny the mountains can be out east after our Aspen trip.

When we got home we played 2 square in the driveway for a while with our new outdoor ball and then sat in the lawn soaking up the much needed vitamin D. The neighborhood was lousy with dogs and kids and it felt like everyone had been set free. Then Derek went for another 5k run while I jumped roped and hula hooped.

We’ve both been doing a lot of reminiscing about the past year; tomorrow marks our one year transplantiversary. It is hard to believe how much has happened to us over the past year, but one thing is for sure, we are both super happy to be alive.

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