Story of Life

One of the best parts about Donate Life month is reading all the great stories of organ donation. We like that so many of our friends are in the habit of sending us articles when they see them. Keep ’em coming!

This story is about a woman who found out what happened after she donated her son’s liver, eyes and umbilical cord blood to science after dying as a result of a birth defect. Click the title to read the article, it’s such a great story.

Thomas Gray Lived Six Days, But His Life Has Lasting Impact

“Instead of thinking of our son as a victim, I started thinking of him as a contributor to research, to science. […] The way I see it, our son got into Harvard, Duke, and Penn. He has a job. He is relevant to the world. I only hope my life can be as relevant.” – Sarah Gray, Thomas’ mother

“It helped her get over the loss. It was part of the healing process, seeing that there’s still research going on five years after. His life was worthwhile. He’s brought a lot of good to the world.” – Ross Gray, Thomas’ father



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