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Tuckerman Ravine Trail

On Saturday a coworker, Keith, and I climbed up the Tuckerman Ravine trail at Mount Washington. Earlier in the week, the actual bowl received 8″ of new snow causing wind slabs and avalanche danger. We watched the forecasts and knew there would be questionable weather and potentially dangerous conditions in the bowl, but wanted to expend some energy and knew we would at a minimum be able to ski down the Sherburne Trail on our way out.

From the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center at the base of Mt. Washington to Hermit Lake Shelter and the Caretaker’s Cabin is a moderate 2.4 mile, 1800 vertical foot hike.

Logan and I hiked Aspen, the 2.5 mile 3200 vertical foot mountain in December, so this was much more manageable. Keith and I were hiking at a good pace. About halfway up, he stopped to put on his skis and skins so he didn’t have to carry as much equipment and I kept hiking. I thought he’d catch up to me, but that didn’t happen until we got to the Caretaker’s Cabin! I felt strong, and even half-joked about wanting to do it again.

We hung out with hundreds of strangers, most who hadn’t read the forecast and were disappointed the ski bowl was full of danger and zero visibility. I was happy just being able to hike up and come back down!

Living Donor: 1 Year Check-up

Derek and I were at Lahey on Friday; I was there for my one year check-up Derek was there for a regular old check-up.

The one year living donor check-up involves blood work, a CT scan–with and without contrast–and a meeting with a surgeon. We arrived around 7:15 am and both got our blood work done (the couple that visits the phlebotomist together, stays together? I feel like I’ve made this same stupid joke before.) then it was off to CT. This was a much quicker scan, but I still got the IV to pump the weird contrast into my veins which leaves the taste of pennies in my mouth, and makes my head feel hot, then spreads through my body like a hot flash. 5 minutes later I was changing back into clothes and we headed upstairs to the 6th floor to see our beloved nurses and hopefully a few of the docs. The doctors had just finished rounds, and we saw the fellows and our favorite PA, Tom. Tom hugged us both in succession about 3 times. He was genuinely thrilled to see us both and we talked about scars and bilirubin and how nice it was to visit instead of being a patient. Then we turned the corner and saw a few of Derek’s favorite nurses and the nurse manager. They too were thrilled to see us. What a difference a year makes was the common refrain.

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Best of Liver Lovers Unite: Week of April 13th

If you missed the update from yesterday, the doctor’s visit has been postponed until next Friday. And I was so looking forward to the CT scan.

It’s Blue & Green Day! Did you dress up? Send us your pics!

Also, starting next week we’re going to put the blog in semi-stasis. This doesn’t mean we won’t ever post, it just means it won’t happen on the regular anymore. We are so thankful to you, our loyal readers and hope that during this liver transplant adventure it’s been helpful for all of you to follow along. You can expect updates and posts when we visit doctors, or go on particularly picturesque adventures (our posts that have photos tend to get the most views!) or if that f@#$*ng bilirubin ever agrees to go down to a normal level. My hope is that I will finally begin piecing together the events of the past year or so into a more cohesive form. I have lots of bits and pieces of the story started, but I think it’s high time I get cracking on that book I’m always thinking/talking about.

The tumblr will continue because I love tumblr. Feel free to check in on Liver Lovers Unite if you need a giggle. Have a great weekend!

1. Rubik’s cube solving and breakdancing???

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3. Honey on Tap

4. If you watch HouseHunters you might find this amusing.

The Script for Every House Hunters International Everywhere

5. Great photo. Better caption.

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One Year Checkup!

UPDATE: Well, they couldn’t fit Logan in for this Friday, so we’ll be going next Friday!

We’ll be heading down to the doctor’s office on Friday for a one year checkup. Provided they actually schedule Logan for the tests (that’s still in doubt), it should be Logan’s final visit as a patient with the surgeons. They’ll be poking and probing her, e.g. a CT scan, and ensuring that the liver has grown back to 100%.

I will also be visiting the surgeons for a normal discussion about AST, ALT, and our favorite, bilirubin. I will not have as much poking and probing, thankfully. We can’t wait to visit the nurses and doctors and show them our wonderful progress this time!

Coincidentally, Friday is blue and green day! Make sure you wear appropriate clothing and send us pictures! Go Team Organ Donation!


There have been some obvious changes over the past year, and some less obvious changes. One of the least important and most interesting is my belly button. I had a mixed belly button – I always thought it was an innie or a hybrid. After discussion with friends, and research, there was always the conclusion that I was incorrect, and it was an outie. Note: Do NOT search Google for belly button images. Somehow it’s disturbing to look at so many at one time.

When they performed my life-saving surgery, they did not have a belly button plastic surgeon on call. It’s not a concern of mine, but there is a difference. My new belly button is now a definite innie.  So much so, I’m a regular lint factory.

I knew there would be some life changes, and the doctor’s informed me that I would require immuno-suppressants for the rest of my life, but they failed to inform me about this critical detail: the necessity for cleansing the daily lint accumulation.