Vacation Recap: Part 2

Tuesday revealed 6″ on the ground overnight at Snowmass. Wednesday we woke to near blizzard conditions. The snow report was 2″, but there was clearly more in store for the day.

insta 7


I had emailed Chris Klug earlier in the week, and he made some free time to come out snowboarding in the morning!

It was a thrilling experience. He’s an epic snowboarder and still had fast wax on his snowboard from winning a banked slalom event the previous weekend. And he’s in great shape. He commented on his CrossFit training and legs being sore, but I saw no evidence during the runs. I chased him as best as possible around the mountain – he led us down some of the best bumped trails and didn’t slow down at all.  I did my best to keep up, huffing and puffing and soaking in the experience. Some turns were epic, some were a little sketchy and icy. It didn’t matter – we were both charging down the mountain and enjoying every turn.  We did a total of 3 top to bottom runs, 3267′ vertical each, in what seemed like record time.  It’s a good thing he had to take off at lunchtime, so my legs could rest.

While I was riding the pow, Logan was busy editing and uploading photos to Beth at CKF. This was a pretty popular Facebook post:

Here are some other pretty snow pictures from Tuesday and Wednesday!

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