Weekend Recap: March 13 – 15

Logan and I celebrated Pi Day in style.

Friday night, in preparation, we had homemade pizza pies.

Saturday after getting a haircut I went to the cleaners, and almost got a printout to more significant digits:

We picked up a Pie Guy Key Lime Pie later on Saturday and ate it while I recited all 32 digits after the decimal point I’ve memorized:  3.14159265358979323846264338327950

In other non-Pi news, we went to eat in Lexington, MA at Royal India Bistro with our friends Mike and Sue.  Last time we were there about a year ago, I had a different liver.  The food still tasted fantastic!

I started to run again.  It’s springtime so there’s less snow, more roads to run on, and more daylight to enjoy. I’m slower than I was in December, no surprise, but definitely feel much better and getting even closer to 100%!

Logan and I are headed to the doctor’s on Monday – this time to visit a blood doctor. He might have some information on why my bilirubin is still high while all other blood results are normal. Dr. Logan and Dr. Derek have done our research and all the scientific papers say that it’s nothing to worry about.

See for yourself!  Liver Function Profile has stabilized:



Bilirubin has not – specifically the indirect bilirubin. Normal level is less than 1.


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