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I have fun making logos for these theme shows.
I have fun making logos for these theme shows.

Every once in a while, we put together a theme show on Word of Mouth. The latest one was the brain child of our senior producer and it’s all about walking. She did an amazing job putting it together, and I think it’s a top notch episode of the show. We also thought it was a good opportunity to make a video promo. I’ve been learning how to use Adobe Premiere at work to edit video and used this as an opportunity to practice using the program. I typically use iMovie when I make my silly videos, and while it’s an easy program that produces solid results, Premiere is definitely a step up for me. I am definitely still learning, but this was a fun opportunity to try a few things I’ve learned in our training sessions. Special thanks to Jim & Sandi for sharing some of their personal GoPro footage, and to Derek for showing up multiple times. He is the star of all my favorite B roll footage.

Here’s a link to the show if you’d like to listen:

The Walking Show

And here’s a link to the video I made to promo the show:

Video Promo


3 Replies to “Work Stuff”

  1. Very cool promo video.. Well Done.! I’ll be sharing the video and the show via laptop with Derek’s Gramp J, who is recovering from hip replacement surgery and is truly learning to ‘walk again’ in a most deliberate fashion. Thanks!

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