I met up with three friends , Chuck, Rob and Andy, and went snowboarding in Park City: three days at the Canyons and one day at Park City. The area has been hurting for snow this season. They received some snow a few weeks ago and about 10″ in the 4-days of skiing. On the first day, we saw a moose on the trail! She appeared to be docile and some people nearby on the trail stopped to take a look. We were down by the chairlift, so on our next turn up the lift, I took a few pictures of her while she was munching on some lost snacks as she left the trail.

The trails were well groomed, and most of the time we stayed on the blue trails as they were the most well covered. A few times I ventured off the trails. The conditions were very east-coast: hard bumps covered with a dusting of snow, or woods tracked out with little coverage of snow. I’m very familiar and comfortable with these conditions so I was more than happy to take on those trails. On the whole, they were better than expected and my legs were extremely sore at the end of each day.

We shared a hot tub with various people, the most memorable was a 70-year old English gentleman who told the greatest stories. One day he got tangled up in the rope tow and was “ass end up” with one ski caught in the fence and the other in the rope tow. Another story was from long ago when he skiied on the wrong side of a chair lift pillar and stopped before a 30′ cliff drop and had to be rescued by ski patrol – all the while being ridiculed by the riders on the chair lift.

I took very few pictures throughout the trip. It’s hard to capture the depth of mountains and terrain on such a small camera, but I took a couple for posterity.

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