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Vacation Recap: Part 2

Tuesday revealed 6″ on the ground overnight at Snowmass. Wednesday we woke to near blizzard conditions. The snow report was 2″, but there was clearly more in store for the day.

insta 7


I had emailed Chris Klug earlier in the week, and he made some free time to come out snowboarding in the morning!

It was a thrilling experience. He’s an epic snowboarder and still had fast wax on his snowboard from winning a banked slalom event the previous weekend. And he’s in great shape. He commented on his CrossFit training and legs being sore, but I saw no evidence during the runs. I chased him as best as possible around the mountain – he led us down some of the best bumped trails and didn’t slow down at all.  I did my best to keep up, huffing and puffing and soaking in the experience. Some turns were epic, some were a little sketchy and icy. It didn’t matter – we were both charging down the mountain and enjoying every turn.  We did a total of 3 top to bottom runs, 3267′ vertical each, in what seemed like record time.  It’s a good thing he had to take off at lunchtime, so my legs could rest.

While I was riding the pow, Logan was busy editing and uploading photos to Beth at CKF. This was a pretty popular Facebook post:

Here are some other pretty snow pictures from Tuesday and Wednesday!

Vacation Recap: Part 1

We’ve got a lot to share from our trip out West, so we’ve decided to break up the posts a bit. I love looking at vacation photos, but that doesn’t mean YOU love looking at vacation photos.

We arrived in Aspen via Chicago on Sunday morning and were greeted with a spectacular day. The sun was warm, the air was cool and we made a beeline for the Aspen gondola for people watching and to sample the “best cheeseburger in town” at Ajax Tavern. It lived up to the hype. Derek forgot to pack his sunglasses, but lucky for us Veuve Clicquot was doing an aprés event at the restaurant and we managed to finagle a pair of champagne sunglasses from a waiter. I guess you’re supposed to buy a bottle of Veuve, but he took pity on us. Which prompted me to photograph Derek in his cool shades all over town.

After a lovely day of sightseeing, we made a quick dinner and settled in for the night. We needed our sleep in order to tackle the mountain the next day.

We went to Snowmass on Monday, which is a huge mountain. Sure, most of the mountains/ski resorts out West are bigger than the ones around NH, but Snowmass is particularly enormous. Conditions were less than stellar, but pretty nice where they had groomed. We were thankful that we’d sharpened my skis and Derek’s board before the trip.

insta 2

Sheer Bliss lift near the top of Snowmass.

insta 3

We mostly had the trails to ourselves. Big, wide open trails for just the two of us. Insane.

More photos below (click on any photo to launch a slideshow) and we’ll continue the recap over the next couple of days.

Best of Liver Lovers Unite: Week of March 16th

It’s the last day of school for us for a whole week! We hope to be back, refreshed and ready to take on spring upon our return. In the meantime here’s some stuff you may or may not like.

1. Real life Scooby-Doo

ruh roh


2. Wood cut of liver – 1812

More here —> LINK


3. Speaking of livers…

liver is too big

4. The Midwest’s Quirkiest Bowling Alleys – Photo Collection From David Williams (Full series at this link)

Curious if my mom has ever been to this one:

David Williams - Strike & Spare Lanes - Lexington, NE

David Williams – Strike & Spare Lanes – Lexington, NE

5. When a hummingbird takes flight in wind



Vacation is Imminent

I plan to write a tumblr recap post for tomorrow, but next week your humble authors go on a much needed vacation and as evidenced by this post, I am already a bit checked out.

Upon our return we will likely regale you with too many photographs, and do our best to get you psyched up for the busy month of April. April is:

National Card and Letter Writing Month

National Poetry Month

National Donate Life Month

In addition to these national observances there are also the following special dates:

April 11th, 2009 is the day Derek proposed to me

April 14th, 2014 marks the one year anniversary of our live donor transplant

April 17th, 2015 is National Blue & Green Day


We hope you’ll celebrate with us on April 17th by wearing Blue & Green to show your support for organ donation. Photos of your awesome outfits will again be collected and shared here, but you can also win a prize if you upload to the Donate Life America Facebook page!



Hematology Visit

Logan and I went to see a hematologist on Monday. We went into this meeting thinking that we wouldn’t get any solid answers, and we were right. But, as you’ll see, that wasn’t the real reason.

We actually thought this conversation was going to be about bilirubin, but it wasn’t. It turns out he knows very little about about it. He was very nice and started talking about my below normal PTT values and possible correlation to increased clotting risk, including the issue with my ‘first liver’. He really meant my ‘first transplant liver’, and in doing so, he spoke very highly of Logan’s donated organ, calling it “pristine” and “perfect” – Logan was very honored.

And the summary of the conversation on clotting, below normal results was, in a nutshell, “you don’t have a disease, and there’s nothing to worry about.” That’s succinctly boiling down the 30 minute, very thorough explanation. Continue reading