Weekend Recap: February 20-22

Finally, after all this snow the weather cooperated for one weekend day. The temperature rose well above freezing and the sun came out and the snow was good. We were both a little confused as to why there weren’t more people taking advantage of such a great day on the slopes, but as the guy on the chairlift said when I asked where all the people were: “Shhhhh!” It felt like a slightly busy weekday. Bad news for Ragged Mountain’s bottom line, but good news for us.

It’s supposed to be stupid cold tomorrow and likely for the rest of the week, so it was a nice treat to be in the warm sun, if only for a day.

And yes, Derek did ride his snowboard off the roof of the garage and into a giant pile of snow. Living the dream.

One Reply to “Weekend Recap: February 20-22”

  1. Nice launch, D! My favorite part of this whole post was Derek’s “Yes!” when he landed… Second best being: “Was it worth it?” You two are awesome!

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