Best of Liver Lovers Unite: Week of February 16

Today is my dad’s/Swalebird’s birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! Hope you have a great day and a delicious dinner.

It’s Friday again so that means it’s time for some internet fun.

1. Time to leave the nest.

The bead of sweat on the little bird in the last frame says so much.

2. Goats are the best

3. I love watching candy making videos. So soothing.

4. This dog means serious business.

5. People say this is is staged, and I say, who cares!!!

2 Replies to “Best of Liver Lovers Unite: Week of February 16”

  1. Yup! Birthday train has arrived. Starting this eve at Farmers Table, a newer spot in what locals call, appropriately, “Boca”. Birthday weekend is our mission. Thanks for the personalized salute. Sunny. Bright. Even severe clear. 58 degrees of Kodachrome at 10:38a ET.

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