Today in Snow News…

To my dear friends who live in or have to commute into Boston, my heart goes out to you. On the radio this morning a T official mentioned that it would be at least a month before the transit system was back to normal. Of course, that’s assuming no more major snow events happen between now and then. Which, based on current weather patterns seems unlikely. I read somewhere that the unusual depth of snowpack in the Northeast is creating a kind of microclimate, with super cool air from the existing piles of snow contributing to storm cycles. I guess snow begets more snow and super cold, below normal temperatures.

At MIT the snow piles have grown to a height of nearly five stories. (Police are saying it’s less than 5 stories, but either way, it’s pretty impressive.)


I miss living in Somerville and working in Boston, but I can’t begin to imagine the headache of commuting in and out of the city or even walking. Here’s hoping for a few days of melting temperatures.

(As I type this, it is currently snowing and accumulating. What should we build next?)

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