Best of Liver Lovers Unite: Week of February 9

Another weekend another snow storm on the way. It’s like Groundhog’s Day around these parts. Derek and are planning on building some kind of elaborate snow fort. Which could be difficult since they are forecasting up to 50mph winds. This is one wacky winter. Have a good weekend!

1. Swimming kitty is upset you found out it likes swimming.






2. 19 Frustrating Things Today’s Kids Will Never Experience

Get off my lawn.

3. Unhelpful advice



4. These are desperate times.


5. Vote for the Wommies!

We’re giving out our own little awards that include categories the Oscars overlook. Please vote!

One Reply to “Best of Liver Lovers Unite: Week of February 9”

  1. I am the exact opposite of that Parks and Rec character. I never get to do what I want. I have seen none of these movies therefor I cannot vote.

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