Jennifer Barkley

After some very hard work on my part and a lot of loving support from my dear husband, we got all caught up on Park and Recreation and are now able to watch the new episodes when they air. The downside is that I am now very attached to this show and I will be very sad when it ends in a couple of weeks.

One thing Derek and I have noticed is that I seem to have a lot in common with the sometimes character Jennifer Barkley. I’m not nearly as put together as she is, and certainly not as career driven, but many of her lines seem like they were stolen from my brain. Derek would like me to clarify that I do like children when they become adults. I would like to further clarify that I prefer children–or really all people–when they gain the ability to understand and employ logic and don’t have perpetual sticky hand and face syndrome.tumblr_nj86f99GT01qiaxzfo1_250






Also, this is real:


One Reply to “Jennifer Barkley”

  1. Side splitting! My limited experience with the un-relieved hilarity leaves me panting by the side of the TV road yelling, “Let me up!”

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