Wednesday Five

Logan has been handling the posts lately as I have been recovering from a cold. Honestly, I also forgot about the posts – it must be the cold getting to my brain. It’s a good thing Logan is on top of things! Logan reminded me to post for today, so here are five things that I’ll share with y’all:

  • New England Organ Bank sent out their January newsletter: April is Donate Life month and April 17th is blue and green day. Set your calendar.
  • I don’t like car repairs, and tires are not my friend. I have a slow leak that occurred sometime last week, and today I narrowed down where it’s escaping. I don’t like buying new tires, fixing tires, or anythign about them. I once had an idea that cars should have concrete tires and the roads should be inflatable rubber to eliminate most of these problems. There’s also this idea:

  • Logan informed me on Monday that it was National Pizza Day. I couldn’t find an authoritative reference that this is true. It’s on Wikipedia, which links to an Indian Economic Times article, but where did they get their information? In my research, National Pizza with Everything (but Anchovies) is on November 12th. Google offered to remind me of this date, and it was also published in the academic journal Gastronomica and therefore I trust the information.
  • Logan and I warned the high school students about Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and yesterday Scientific American had an article: Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: America’s Greatest Health Risk of 2015?
  • Take a look at snow depths here: We only have 20-25 inch snowpack. We need more.


Enjoy your Wednesday!

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