We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Root Beer Review

Because Derek is still dealing with a cold, the root beer tasting is on hiatus. Our sense of taste is downright rudimentary when it comes to identifying flavors, the real super star is the nose. And since Derek’s nose is currently a snot factory, he doesn’t want to rate root beer. Instead I’ve been force feeding him hot liquid. He’s not much of a tea drinker, but sometimes he lets me make him hot lemon water with honey.

We are digging out from yet another blizzard, and the meteorologists are tracking the strong possibility of a storm on Thursday followed by the potential for another storm on Sunday. Here was my reaction to this news (h/t Burnsie):

And here are a few photos from this crazy situation. I read somewhere yesterday that once this all melts it will only be a couple of inches of rain. Ha!


It’s a little crazier on the seacoast. Here’s our friend Lisa in front of her house…before the last storm.



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