Root Beer Review #33 – Gale’s Root Beer

#33 – Larry Bird! Gale is a nationally acclaimed pastry chef and creator of Gale’s Root Beer. The root beer is cinnamon ginger vanilla flavored and the bottle art reminds me of Little Orphan Annie crossed with the old Coppertone ad.


I’m a fan of cinnamon and other tree barks, but I want it in cooked things. Not liquid refreshments. Not even mulled apple cider.  So it’s not surprising that I’m not a fan. Logan thought it tasted a little flat. I think a root beer should really stick to its roots.  If you want to branch out, I suggest you try this. If you’re a classic root beer drinker, leaf this one alone.

Derek’s Rating: 4.6

Here are the rankings with notes of Wintergreen (W), Licorice (L), or Other (O):

9.5 Sprecher Root Beer: buy me in bulk online!
9.1 River City Root Beer
9.0 Americana Root Beer
8.8 Tower Root Beer
8.5 Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer
8.1 maine root handcrafted rootbeer: Available at b.good on tap
8.0 Virgil’s Root Beer: available at some supermarkets
7.7 Chicago Root Beer
7.4 Bulldog Root Beer
7.3 Thunder Beast
7.2 Cicero Salted Caramel Root Beer
7.2 O-So Butterscotch Root Beer (O)
7.0 Cicero Chicago Style Root Beer
6.8 J.J. Stewart Root Beer
6.7 Old Red Eye Root Beer (W)
6.6 Frostie Root Beer
6.5 Dr. Brown’s Root Beer Draft Style
6.2 Bedford’s Root Beer
5.9 Red Arrow Root Beer
5.1 Saranac Root Beer
4.8 Jack Black’s Dead Red Root Beer
4.7 Filbert’s Root Beer
4.6 Gale’s Root Beer (O)
4.3 Triple “AAA” Root Beer
4.0 Trader Joe’s Vintage Root Beer
3.9 Avery’s Root Beer
3.6 towne club root beer
3.4 Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer
3.2 Rocky Mountain Root Beer
2.5 Mug Old Fashioned Root Beer
2.0 Judge Wapner Root Beer
0.4 The Pop Shoppe
0.1 GuS Dry Root Beer (O)

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