Engineered Sweat

Yesterday, we interviewed one of the directors of a new ESPN 30 for 30 documentary–Neil Amdur–about the history of Gatorade. When I engineer tapings I get to call the guests and then chit chat with them to make sure they sound good and the sound levels are all right for recording. The public radio tradition is to ask people their names–so we can get a pronouncer–their occupation–to verify we have it right in the script–and what they had for breakfast. Ostensibly because that is something most people can recall easily. But I really am interested in what they had for breakfast. Neil and I both had smoothies yesterday.

Neil was a great interview–you can listen to it on our show tomorrow at 2:00p–and this little short tells such a fascinating story. It’s mind boggling to think that just 50 years ago players were dehydrated on purpose. I remember skiing with my sister in Colorado years ago and completely bonking after taking a few morning runs. Someone handed me a Gatorade and it was like drinking liquid magic; I was amazed by how much better I felt. Electrolytes! Who knew?

3 Replies to “Engineered Sweat”

  1. Pretty sure electolytes=salt. The ad wizards who came up with the word “electrolyes” is brilliant. Also, I was once was chastised by a Gatorade rep for casually sipping on Gatorade….he informed me that Gatorade is only for use on an “active thirst”……bwahahaha. Active Thirst, guzzle big or go home! Lol.

    1. Salt is an electrolyte, but electrolytes comprise a whole bunch of other minerals and fluids in your body that can carry an electric charge. [source] But yes, marketing is silly and powerful. To this day when ever I hear the word “gatorade” I sing “Gatorade is thirst aid, for that deep down body thirst.”

      P.S. Electrolyte is also my super hero name. 🙂

    2. That guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I don’t think red bull guys would frown upon everyone drinking their stuff. And I’m sure it wasn’t designed for it’s current use. Sip away Foley. Sip away!

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