Weekend Recap: January 23-25

The snow came to town as forecasted on Saturday and I took the opportunity to do absolutely nothing! I didn’t even do laundry. (Usually on a lazy day I will at least do laundry so I can say I did something.) I did successfully watch many episodes of Parks & Recreation, so I guess I’ll count that as an accomplishment.

Sunday we rallied and ventured out to the grocery store, which was bonkers since we’re supposed to get slammed with snow on Tuesday. However there were a surprisingly large number of carts filled with cases of beer. I was expecting perhaps a run on milk and eggs, not inexpensive domestic beer. Go figure. When we got home we went for a long walk to our local park, walked around the pond, watched people skate on super smooth pond ice and then headed home to do the laundry, make some granola, and make cornbread and chili for dinner. All in all, a real nice Sunday and we’re both looking forward to what we hope is a safe blizzard this week.

One Reply to “Weekend Recap: January 23-25”

  1. No irony here? Your watching “P&R” on one day and headed to a local park for recreation the next? The images and observations are delightful. Thank you! Dad person. sQs

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