Week of January 19th – Best of Liver Lovers Unite

Rumor has it that there is some snow in the forecast this weekend. It really needs to snow. I am not a summer person, so the only way I can even remotely look forward to summer is if the winter is super snowy and cold. If it’s a mild winter, I will be crabby all summer long.

So here’s hoping for a safe snowstorm this weekend so Derek and I can take our freshly tuned board and skis out for some turns. Have a great weekend everybody.



(Via tastefullyoffensive: photo by birchera)

2. Chris Klug adds another snowboarding medal to his collection!

We are so proud and honored to know this amazing man.

 3. I think Benedict Cumberbatch needs to be friends with me.


4. Sitting is bad for you

5. How to win at rock, paper, scissors.


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