Week of January 5th – Best of Liver Lovers Unite

This week at work I decided to make a questionnaire that surveyed people about condiments. (Yes, I have a super fun job.) The responses we got were pretty interesting–no one like Hunts ketchup–and in some cases hilarious. One in particular amused me and my friend Sara Plourde immensely. She was even inspired to make a drawing depicting the response:

Lovely drawing by Miss Sara Plourde
Lovely drawing by Miss Sara Plourde

If you’d like to take the questionnaire and/or see the results, you can find it here: Word of Mouth’s Official Condiment Questionnaire

Ok! On to more internet hilarity.

1. There’s a new antibiotic in town…

Credit: Compound Chem
Credit: Compound Chem

And even more exciting news, a system for finding even MORE antibiotics. Read more here:

Teixobactin: A New Antibiotic, and A New Way to Find More

2. These are made of paper. Whoa.

New Meticulous Cut Paper Illustrations by Maude White

3. How they make artisan candy canes

4. Submitted without comment


5. The origins of jive talk in the movie Airplane

Plus, the entire scene:

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