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Week of January 26th – Best of Liver Lovers Unite

Happy weekend! Snow has finally arrived in the Northeast and more is on the way. Derek is currently shredding some serious gnar (what?) and I will also shred said gnar come Sunday. For those of you in warm climates, you just don’t know what you are missing! Or maybe you do. We plan to enjoy all the flakes on your behalf. But no matter the weather, Derek and I encourage you to:

1. Treat Yo Self

As I may have mentioned, I’ve been watching a LOT of Parks and Recreation. Derek occasionally watches with me, and we recently saw the Treat Yo Self episode.

Sometimes it’s difficult for Derek to remember that it’s important for him to take care of himself, to treat himself from time to time. Now when he’s hemming and hawing about doing something nice for himself I just say “Treat Yo Self.”

treat yo self

2. Slo Mo Slipping

As my friend Maureen said: “This is beautiful and sad.”

@QuinnTheBerner learning all about ice

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3. High Speed Building

4. The Beauty of a Storm

There’s a very cool website that visualizes wind in a very beautiful way. Here’s what it looked like during the storm on Tuesday.

noreaster5. Pay attention to meeeeeeeeeeee!



Engineered Sweat

Yesterday, we interviewed one of the directors of a new ESPN 30 for 30 documentary–Neil Amdur–about the history of Gatorade. When I engineer tapings I get to call the guests and then chit chat with them to make sure they sound good and the sound levels are all right for recording. The public radio tradition is to ask people their names–so we can get a pronouncer–their occupation–to verify we have it right in the script–and what they had for breakfast. Ostensibly because that is something most people can recall easily. But I really am interested in what they had for breakfast. Neil and I both had smoothies yesterday.

Neil was a great interview–you can listen to it on our show tomorrow at 2:00p–and this little short tells such a fascinating story. It’s mind boggling to think that just 50 years ago players were dehydrated on purpose. I remember skiing with my sister in Colorado years ago and completely bonking after taking a few morning runs. Someone handed me a Gatorade and it was like drinking liquid magic; I was amazed by how much better I felt. Electrolytes! Who knew?

Snow Day! Blizzard of 2015

I screwed up and never scheduled this to post this morning! Whoops! So here’s a rare evening post!

First things first: Happy Birthday to my dear Mom! I hope you have a lovely day and that you and Dad get to have a delicious dinner to celebrate!

I guess all I had to do was ask politely for a snowstorm! We got walloped. Lots of preparation time so Derek and I were able to get some work done from home and then after lunch we took a walk around the neighborhood. There were a few cars out on the road, but not many. The few we saw looked like they were having a bit of trouble.

More snow is in the forecast for Friday and even on Monday! There are quite a few people that will glare at me for saying this but…YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!


Root Beer Review: Hot Cocoa

The blog is closed today due to the impending snowstorm.


No Root Beer was tasted this week. I had some hot cocoa made with rice milk and topped with mini marshmallows : 9.9/10

Only thing lacking was a smattering of little colorful rainbow sprinkles on top.

Be safe. No riding rollercoasters in high winds.

Weekend Recap: January 23-25

The snow came to town as forecasted on Saturday and I took the opportunity to do absolutely nothing! I didn’t even do laundry. (Usually on a lazy day I will at least do laundry so I can say I did something.) I did successfully watch many episodes of Parks & Recreation, so I guess I’ll count that as an accomplishment.

Sunday we rallied and ventured out to the grocery store, which was bonkers since we’re supposed to get slammed with snow on Tuesday. However there were a surprisingly large number of carts filled with cases of beer. I was expecting perhaps a run on milk and eggs, not inexpensive domestic beer. Go figure. When we got home we went for a long walk to our local park, walked around the pond, watched people skate on super smooth pond ice and then headed home to do the laundry, make some granola, and make cornbread and chili for dinner. All in all, a real nice Sunday and we’re both looking forward to what we hope is a safe blizzard this week.