Weekend Recap December 19-21

Derek spent a good portion of the weekend repairing the lights on our Japanese maple with his mad soldering skills. It seems that the little squirrels who call our yard and trees home, think gnawing on wires is super delicious. On Saturday, we ran a whole bunch of errands. I wasn’t looking forward to being out with the crowds, but we had a good plan and we were incredibly efficient. That is until we got to CVS to pick up my new prescription–my thyroid medication got bumped up a bit which will hopefully make me less tired–and discovered that the entire CVS computer system was down. Whoops.

We got home by lunch time and spent the rest of the afternoon baking cookies. It’s become a tradition for Derek and I to bake a whole mess of cookies and deliver them to our neighbors. We took it a little easy this year and didn’t go too crazy with super fancy cookies. We focused on the basics: chocolate chip, oatmeal ginger, chocolate wafers, gingerbread animals, and crisp rice treats with toffee bits.

Sunday, I was inspired to make a baked omelet for breakfast and it was pretty delicious thanks to the addition of leftover roasted potatoes from dinner on Saturday night. After breakfast, Derek went for a run, I did a little living room workout, and then we got back to the cookie factory. One of my favorite types of cookies that Derek makes are the cut-out gingerbread cookies. Every year we make a bunch, I make too much frosting and then we proceed to make ridiculous looking gingerbread animals. We make very tasty cookies, we just don’t have a vision when it comes to frosting them.



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