Week of December 15th – Best of Liver Lovers Unite

I’ve missed a couple weeks of tumblr recaps, so, welcome back!

I think there’s a time and a place for inspirational quotes. I don’t always know when that time is, but here goes nothing:

It’s OK not to be optimistic. Buddhist teachings say, you know, feeling that you have to maintain hope can wear you out, so just be present… The biggest gift you can give is to be absolutely present, and when you’re worrying about whether you’re hopeful or hopeless or pessimistic or optimistic, who cares? The main thing is that you’re showing up, that you’re here, and that you’re finding ever more capacity to love this world.

Philosopher and Rilke translator Joanna Macy on how Rilke can help us embrace our mortality and be more fully alive. (via explore-blog)

Sometimes this time of year can be hard. There’s a weird expectation that we must all be joyous, or overtly thankful, or bursting with good tidings and cheer. It can be a little crushing. This is just a reminder for all of us to remember to give ourselves a little credit for showing up.

And when all else fails, there’s always silly stuff from the internet. Have a great weekend!

1. It’s just a little too clear for my taste.

2. Hella jacked!


3. I know I like cats, and for some that’s controversial…BUT LOOK AT THIS CAT!!

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.00.31 PM

4. This is an accurate description of how I feel sometimes:



5. I love birds. Do you love birds?



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