Let’s Get Physical!

Somehow I managed to schedule both my annual visit to the endocrinologist and my yearly physical with my primary care for this week so it will be a “Let’s Make Sure Logan is Healthy” extravaganza today and Friday. This will be the first time seeing both my thyroid specialist and my nurse practitioner since before the big surgery. Both women were a little concerned about my decision to have 60% of my liver removed, but they also assured me I was going into the process healthy and that was obviously a good thing.

On Monday I had full blood work done to see how I’m doing and my nurse practitioner sent me the results right away. The good news is, the numbers look good. I am vitamin D deficient–which comes as no surprise–so she has recommended that I take 5000 IU for the next three months. Sounds like a good plan to me. Also, my total cholesterol is a little high, but when you look at the numbers individually, my HDL (happy cholesterol) is perfect. She mentioned in her note to me that high HDL sometimes falsely elevates the total number. My LDL (lousy cholesterol) is well within the normal range so all is good there. As she mentioned: “HDL acts like a garbage truck, collecting LDL from the arteries and depositing it into the liver for processing.”

As for liver processing, my liver function is picture perfect. You’re used to seeing these numbers for Derek, but here’s what they look like for me:

Alk Phos: 51 (Normal: 45-117)

AST: 20 (Normal: 8-30)

ALT: 11 (Normal: 7-40)

Total Protein: 7.7 (Normal: 6.4-8.2)

Total Bilirubin: 0.7 (Normal: 0.2-1.0)

As Derek said: “Boooooorrrrrring.”

It comes as a relief to both of us that my numbers are yawn inducing. I am confident that my appointments today and tomorrow will be equally uneventful. I also think we should all just take a moment and applaud my liver and the surrounding organs in my abdomen for being such troopers through all of this. And, a quick moment of silence for their lost friend, Gilbert Gallbladder.

Of course, we should also thank the positively amazing surgeons, doctors, and nurses at Lahey for doing the least amount of harm possible. Good science!


7 Replies to “Let’s Get Physical!”

  1. “Boooooorrrrrring” you write and yet a slight (happy) tear forms in my eye seeing those ‘normal numbers’. Thanks for sharing such Good News!

    1. Oh dear. The funny thing to me is that the posts that people find weep inducing are never the ones I suspect! I’ll send along some branded tissues. 🙂

    1. Logan just said “Gilbert Gallbladder” like Gilbert Gottfried would. I don’t like it. I’m just going to remember him as Gil.

      1. “You never know what people will choose to be offended by.”
        – Gilbert Gottfried

        “What am I doing in this medi-waste bag? They told me I won a tropical vacation!”
        – Gilbert Gallbladder

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