Happy Friday! 12/12/14

It’s the day before 12/13/14 and we’ve got a few more photos to share and a link to the photos taken by the photographer at the event. If you’re into the whole Facebook scene, there’s a bevy of photos at the CKF page to ogle.

Flickr Album: Summit For Life 2014

Facebook Album: Chris Klug Foundation

Oh! And our new friend Jen, founder of Rock 1 Kidney, wrote a recap for the Huffington Post Blog and gave Derek a nice little shout out. You can find that here: Why I Raced 3,267 Feet Up a Mountain on Saturday Night

And I’ll add a few more from Kathleen, Derek and I here. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the photos and recap of our trip. We really did have an amazing time and we are so happy to be able to share it all with you. Have a great weekend!

2 Replies to “Happy Friday! 12/12/14”

  1. With cheers and tears, I have enjoyed reading about your Aspen experiences. Thank you for sharing. I am so honored and proud to be part of your lives!

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