Ok, ok. Logan’s been doing most of the posting lately. I’ve been in my own little world doing work type things and feeling a little overwhelmed. I’ve been intentionally trying not to think too far ahead to the weekend, because I’m afraid I might have a breakdown. Yesterday, I felt more nervous and stressed than I was going into surgery. There was a lot of stuff to do at work, I had a final submittal for my class, and I still had to pack. But, that’s all behind me, and now I can finally look forward to this weekend. Logan and I should be on a plane to DFW and onto Denver by the time you read this. Woo-Hoo!

A few people have given me specific motivation to think about over the past months, whether intentional or not.  The latest motivational statements are:

  • Me: “I ran a mile and a half yesterday!” Other: “Why did you stop running?” Me: “I felt tired”.  I’ve thought about that one lately, since I felt ashamed I didn’t have a real reason to have stopped like puking, or having my leg fall off. I now stop when I’ve reached my house. Now whenever I exercise, before I stop, I ask myself why I am stopping. I like to have a good reason.
  • “Your wife already went for a walk this morning!” That was the day after the first surgery, when I didn’t want to move an inch. That’s when I realized Logan is a bad-ass and she unintentionally motivated me to pick up the recovery pace.
  • “When you stop on the mountain, look up.  Realize the dark sky is one big heat sink slowly sucking the heat from your puny little body while you struggle to make it up the hill…Oh, it’s for charity? You’ll be fine.” – one of many comments my coworkers made yesterday for “motivation”.

As I’ve stated before, this is something I’ve been looking forward to since last year when I was placed on the transplant list. Then, during my recovery, the climb became a focal point for me. I will make sure to wave at the online cameras and give a big smile!

Love you all!

2 Replies to “WOOO-HOOOO!”

  1. You just motivated me, Derek, which, in-turn I believe shall motivate you to exceed expectations. I expect to have a world class weekend, because of what you and your team are doing. Yes, you’ll do fine and then some more.

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