Oh boy. The Big Day Is Almost Here!

It is Thursday which means we’re nearly less than 48 hours away from our hike up Aspen. Are we ready? You bet. We got this. Every once in a while I remember that less than 8 months ago, Derek and I were counting down the days to our dueling surgeries and my brain gets confused. It seems like it happened so long ago, and simultaneously it also feels like it just happened.

If you’d like to follow along, there is apparently going to be a live stream of the event! I have no idea what it will entail, and likewise have no idea if you will actually be able to see Derek, Kathleen or I if you watch. But, hey, if you’ve got nothing better to do on Saturday night, give it a whirl!

We plan to update the blog when we reach the top with a quick post and hopefully a photo, provided Aspen has some free wi-fi at the summit. We will of course also provide a full update on the weekend’s events once we recover.

Derek also is going to track his hike using RunKeeper; It might be live tracking if there’s cell phone reception along the route. It’s Aspen after all, so it’s entirely possible but no promises.  There will be a tweet once I start tracking with a link, or you might be able to see it directly on http://runkeeper.com/user/derekjaniak!

3 Replies to “Oh boy. The Big Day Is Almost Here!”

  1. Best of luck to you guys! It will be fun and a big accomplishment. You have overcome so much! Ps hope to see u on the 27th

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