Root Beer Review #27 – Always Ask For Avery’s Root Beer

I’m not sure whether this is “Avery’s Root Beer” or “Always Ask for Avery’s Root Beer”, or whether I should just call it “AAFARB”. Apparently, Avery’s makes lots of other sodas, including Kitty Piddle, Bug Barf, and Dog Drool.


This bottle had very little carbonation. Not surprisingly, the root beer tasted flat. Logan thought it also tasted like a diet soda, and I don’t disagree. The label says they use cane sugar, yet the cap says high fructose corn sweetener AND sugar. They’re not lying, but they’re not telling the full truth. Similar to those companies that replace sugar with stevia. Grossness.

This root beer seems like a novelty soda to complement their others. It’s not a strong soda, that punches you in the face. It’s like a Tab or Diet Coke type. I’d be more likely to try out their Kitty Piddle flavor next time.

Derek’s Rating: 3.9

Here are the rankings so far:

9.5 Sprecher Root Beer
9.1 River City Root Beer
9.0 Americana Root Beer
8.8 Tower Root Beer
8.5 Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer
8.1 maine root handcrafted rootbeer
8.0 Virgil’s Root Beer
7.7 Chicago Root Beer
7.4 Bulldog Root Beer
7.3 Thunder Beast
7.2 Cicero Salted Caramel Root Beer
7.2 O-So Butterscotch Root Beer
6.8 J.J. Stewart Root Beer
6.6 Frostie Root Beer
6.2 Bedford’s Root Beer
5.9 Red Arrow Root Beer
5.1 Saranac Root Beer
4.8 Jack Black’s Dead Red Root Beer
4.7 Filbert’s Root Beer
4.3 Triple “AAA” Root Beer
4.0 Trader Joe’s Vintage Root Beer
3.9 Avery’s Root Beer
3.6 towne club root beer
3.4 Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer
2.5 Mug Old Fashioned Root Beer
0.4 The Pop Shoppe
0.1 GuS Dry Root Beer

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