Weekend Recap – November 27-30

What’s it called when you have a long weekend, but it feels like a regular length weekend and so at the end you feel guilty because you didn’t accomplish more? Sigh. Because that’s what happened to me. It really was a lovely weekend, but it is Sunday as I write this and all I can think is that I should have done more! More training for the hike, more writing, more cooking, more cleaning. More. Double sigh.

We hope you all had a lovely weekend and are recovering from your respective food comas. I have some pie that’s not going to eat itself, so I’ll leave you with a few photos from the weekend.


One Reply to “Weekend Recap – November 27-30”

  1. Yah but…your vivid custom images from the “longer” weekend paint a more robust expose of a rich few days we love knowing about. Your Mom person in 5 days cut a swath of accomplishments she, too, thought, I gather, was not all that much of a big deal. Au contraire! With love & excitement about your adventure next weekend out west. Go team! sQs

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