Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re going to take the holiday weekend off, so this is our official Thanksgiving post.

Here’s what we were thankful for last year:

Things we are thankful for in 2014:

From Logan and Derek

1. The everyday people that sign up to be organ donors and especially to the young man who saved so many lives, including Derek’s.

2. Each and every one of you that kept us both in your thoughts and supported us through Livernalia Parts 1 & 2. We could not have done it without all of you.

3. The surgeons, doctors, nurses, and staff at Lahey Hospital who saved Derek’s life and kept me safe. They are all heroes and we are both in awe of their tireless efforts to heal and comfort the sick.

4. The scientists that are working to find a way to solve the problem of organ shortage through cutting edge technology.

From Logan

5. My mom arriving early and seeing me through my dark, morphine addled days. I needed her to be my rock, and she filled that role with aplomb.

6. My sister Kathleen taking over for our mom, washing my hair in the kitchen sink when I was too weak to shower, and helping me laugh–when all I wanted to do was cry–by forcing me to watch a marathon of Parks and Recreation.

7. My brother St*rskee nursing me back to health with amazing food; driving me back and forth to the hospital to see Derek; sitting in a waiting room for hours and never complaining, not once; and hugging me gently when I was about to collapse.

8. My dad being a constant source of encouraging messages and for taking care of mom when she arrived home after her vigil with me.

9. My sister Deborah being our personal trainer during her visit, successfully getting us past the stage of neighborhood walks and back to scrambling up hills and rocks, and for decorating the super pretty birthday cupcakes.

From Derek

10. Logan for risking her life to save my life, then recovering and taking care of me during recovery. A true gift that’s hard to repay.

11. My family for giving up their work, getting me peanut butter crackers on Easter, helping me reorganize my hospital room, listening to my crazy ideas, and sitting in silence through the good and the bad.

13. And again, the young man who passed away and selflessly provided me the gift of life.  I will be eternally grateful.

We sure have a lot to be thankful for this year. Hugs and kisses to all, and pass on our love and thankfulness.

6 Replies to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Logan, I just wish I could have done more! I will never forget taking your picture in intensive care and showing it to you – and your response was “my hair looks pretty good”. You actually looked incredible. Love you two bunches and hope you have a super Thanksgiving. Love, Mom

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