Weekend Recap – November 14-16

This was the first cold weekend here in the Northeast and we acted accordingly. On Friday, my friend Taylor helped me train by doing stairs in the building where we work. I managed 77 floors or 770 vertical feet. I’m working on the theory that something is better than nothing when it comes to training for the hike.

On Saturday Derek raked leaves and spread compost on the garden beds. I vaccumed the insane amount of dust bunnies living under our sofa and all the other detritus in the house. Then we ran some errands and stocked up on food because when it gets chilly I feel compelled to cook. One of our errands involved going to the craft store and I got sucked into the yarn section. I have tried multiple times to learn to knit and it typically ends in tears and a very ugly and hole filled long rectangle. But I just love yarn so much that I bought some and convinced Derek to try one more time to teach me how to knit. It was a rocky start, but as you can see from the photos below, my slow and methodical method seems to be working. So far Derek has only helped fix the scarf/rectangle about 5 times.

On Sunday we slept in (for Derek that means waking up at his normal time, eating first breakfast so he can take his pills and then crawling back into bed) and then leisurely started our day. I did some more knitting, worked on the Team Liver sweaters and then we went for a walk to the park. I walked a lap around the pond and Derek ran two. It was cold and overcast, but the park still made for a pleasant walk. I stopped to take a photo of a goose and the poor guy thought I was going to feed him. The ducks caught wind of his assumption and came over to investigate. I apologized for not having any food to share–because ducks and geese shouldn’t eat human food–but I could tell they were pretty quacked/honked off.

We hope you all had a nice weekend.

5 Replies to “Weekend Recap – November 14-16”

  1. Sounds fun! And I love the start to your knitting I love crafts and have not successfully knitted before. Madeline has been looking to learn. Maybe some winter day I can come up to learn?

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