Week of November 10th – Best of Liver Lovers Unite

Awwww yisss! Who's ready to part--WHOOP.
Awwww yisss! Who’s ready to part–WHOOP.

Time for the weekend! My class is complete so I am definitely ready for some big time fun. Which means I need to hike up some hills. Hope you all enjoy these fun things from the internet and we will see you next week. Same bat blog.

1. We’re going to be hiking up this thing in a few short weeks.

Via Aspen's tumblr
Via Aspen’s tumblr

2. Robots explain how scars happen.

3. Have I shared this before?

Who cares. I’m posting it again. That tooth on the left makes me laugh so hard.


4. This is good stuff, but the best part for me was the comment.

5. This one goes to eleven

via the criterion collection's tumblr
via the criterion collection’s tumblr

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