It’s the Final Countdown – 23 DAYS LEFT!

Quick side note before we get into this post. At one point during our wedding planning process Derek and I bandied about the idea of having Derek play The Final Countdown on a keyboard while being wheeled down the aisle on a flatbed hand truck. I sort of regret we didn’t make that happen.

Ok! So the final countdown. We are getting very close to the big night: Summit for Life 2014! On December 5th, Derek, my sister Kathleen and I will be hoofing it up the face of Aspen to raise money and awareness for the Chris Klug Foundation. Here’s how team Liver Lovers has been preparing for the 2.5 mile/3500 vertical feet hike:

  • Derek has been running at least three miles nearly every other day–on Tuesday he ran five point eight miles.
  • While I am not sure about her exact regimen, my sister is an athlete and has likely been doing her fair share of workouts to get herself ready.
  • I have done next to nothing to prepare. I did purchase a headlamp which is very bright and I like the idea of making it to the top, so we’ll see where that gets me. My plan is to make a super awesome music mix that will keep me at a reasonable pace. Slow and steady is my plan.

If you’d like to donate to the cause, we each have a fundraising page.

Derek’s Fundraising Page

Kathleen’s Fundraising Page

Logan’s Fundraising Page

Oh I forgot! I’m also preparing by making us matching team sweaters with hand made felt livers sewed on the front. That has to be enough incentive to get me up the hill.

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