Why Don’t People Want To Donate Their Organs?

The Atlantic published an article (link here) on Monday exploring the reasons people don’t donate their organs. I thought the author, Tiffanie Wen, did a very good job of scientifically looking at the reasons, but I found these reasons very frustrating. The reasons cited are:

  • mistrust
  • lack of understanding
  • belief in misinformation
  • concern for body integrity
  • not willing to discuss death

It’s most frustrating to see that people are concerned about their vanity after death and refuse to even discuss afterlife care.  There are a lot of emotions surrounding death and I can see why people don’t want to discuss such an emotionally difficult topic. My brain is wired a little differently, so it’s likely easier for me to see the scientific side of things and according to the article: “the research suggests that the more matter-of-fact attitude people have when talking about death and normalizing the issue of organ donation, the more likely they are to sign up as donors.”

I suggest that we all accept that it doesn’t matter what we look like in death and we should all make an effort to open up a little more and start discussing and addressing emotionally hard topics. It could save someone’s life.

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