Weekend Recap: November 7 – 9

As expected, the weekend was a bit jammed up with homework and a special project I’m doing for work. But I really needed to try out my new hiking boots so we went to the closest “mountain” we could find: The Mighty Mac. We live about .8 miles from McIntyre Ski Area and it is barely a hill. Derek tells me it is the smallest ski area in the country. (I wouldn’t lie: it is) We may have mentioned this before, but a couple of years ago we got a midweek dump of snow that kept us both home from work. After spending a couple hours digging the car out, we drove very slowly–the streets hadn’t been plowed yet–to McIntyre to get some fresh pow. They turned the lift on–yes this tiny hill has a lift–when we showed up, and Derek and I proceeded to giggle our way down in knee deep powder. We had to straight line to get up enough speed to make it to the bottom. It probably took us 5 minutes to get up the hill on the super slow lift, and it took about 30 seconds to get down. No matter, it was a glorious day, we got a few runs in and then headed home, cheeks flushed and both of us giddy from our hour of powder.

It was a nice hike up on Saturday. There’s a sort of steep section right where the chair lift drops you off, so we did that a couple of times. I’m trying to figure out what cadence I should use when we hike Aspen so I don’t pass out. If anyone has any good songs for me to sing, do let me know.

Also, it is Movember, which means you can expect to see many photos of Derek’s moustache over the next couple of weeks. If you don’t know about Movember, here is a link.


Have a great week!

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