Week of November 3rd – Best of Liver Lovers Unite

Welcome to November, blog readers. We hope you are adjusting to daylight savings and what Derek likes to call “mole season” when we rarely see the light of day. It’s my last week of class so this weekend might be a wash, but if we do something exciting we will, as always, post it here. Enjoy your weekend!

1. The Purest of Evil

On my list of top five things that really get my goat.

2. Speaking of goats…

Seriously, what are goats? They’re such weird mystical creatures to me. Is he using his TONGUE to get up that mountain?

what are goats


3. And while we’re on the subject of top fives

Oh hey, look at that, a High Fidelity gif.

top five4. This is going to be controversial…

but this song has been stuck in my head all week, and my friend Taylor (uh, not Swift…a different Taylor) told me to rid my self of this ear worm I first need to satisfy my apparent need to hear the song. So here it is. He also said I need to then listen to another song to replace it. Which does work, but somehow this song just pops right back in. I think Taylor Swift might be some kind of wizard.

5. And since everything is related, I’ll just leave this here.



2 Replies to “Week of November 3rd – Best of Liver Lovers Unite”

  1. Swift as inTaylor is a wizard in my opinion too. She is a song writer, dancer, choreographer, mentor, coach, TV personality, performer…you get the idea. and according to some and this song, a poor selector of male friends.

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