Late Night Producing

Tuesday night, as Derek mentioned, I was doing some late night election coverage for NHPR. My job as producer was to take photos of the campaign headquarters and the candidates, make sure I knew where my reporter was in case NHPR HQ needed him to go on air, and look busy. I have some new insight into what journalists and photojournalists go through to get stories and photos out to people quickly. We left the campaign headquarters around midnight, and I was happy to go home, but Sam had to go back to NHPR to file his stories, which kept him there until 4am. I would have been babbling incoherently at that point. I have so much respect for the NHPR reporters.

Even as a rookie and a novice photographer, I was able to get a few decent photos and was pleased they were able to use a couple on the NHPR website. Here are a few more I took throughout the night.

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