Week of October 20th – Best of Liver Lovers Unite

broken kitty

This week I’m featuring things that have made me laugh way too hard. (Except for #2. Poison ivy is no laughing matter.) It was a long week and I am happy to have a couple days off to hopefully wander in the woods with Mr. Derek and recharge. Happy weekend!

1. This makes me laugh harder than it should.

Dancing Birds

2. Identifying Poison Ivy

Derek and I are both dreadful at identifying poison ivy. I have luckily never encountered it but Derek has had a few run ins. This is a little quiz to help hone your poison ivy identification skills.

Poison Ivy Quiz

3. Oh look, another thing that makes me laugh.

all about that base

Pair with this song.

4. The Awkward Yeti is my new favorite.

Are you for real?

awkward yeti toenail


5. Colors by Ken Nordine

This week at the radio factory, we aired an interview we did with a color expert at Pantone which you can check out here:

Good Gig: Color Expert.

It reminded me of Ken Nordine’s album Colors, which makes me laugh a lot. So I made something called a cut and script to accompany the Pantone interview. You can find that bit of radio magic at the link below. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can listen to just that segment. Or heck, listen to the whole show!

 10.22.14: The Power of Pairs & Good Gig

We also made a little poster imploring people to stop the pumpkin spice madness. Taylor did all the watercolors and they are pretty spectacular. You can feast your eyes on that right here:

Things That Should Never Get Pumpkin Spiced


3 Replies to “Week of October 20th – Best of Liver Lovers Unite”

  1. You’re not alone. Taylor just felt that the combination of pumpkin spice and cheese was a little suspect. I think he was thinking Kraft mac & cheese, cheese.

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