I’m a Statistic

The OPTN database is the nationwide information stores for waitlist, matching and transplant information. For the general public, some of the data is available through this website, which I’ve used to assess my placement on the waitlist, and other statistics.

Soon after my transplants, I looked at the data and was disappointed I wasn’t put in the database. Earlier this week, I checked again and I made the list! Twice!

me twice


We’re both very disappointed that the Non-Biological, Spouse doesn’t have more descriptors, like “fun, super-cool, best wife ever”.

The information below is specific to Lahey Hospital.  Logan and I think we met another Graft Failure statistic when we went to the recent New England Organ Bank meeting.  He, oddly, also had a transplant in April and received a second transplant in May a few years ago.

Lahey Tx OPTN

Statistically, it’s unlikely that at random I would run into this person. It makes much more sense that we’d meet at an organ donation event. Even so, there are 8 other recipients for liver graft failures across New England (Region 1) out of approximately 22,500 total transplants for all transplants in the region. That’s a 0.04% likelihood of meeting another organ recipient and finding out they also had a graft failure re-transplant.

Data based on OPTN as of 10/22/2014

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