Weekend Recap: October 17 – 19

Our pesky homework struck again, and we didn’t end up going on our planned adventure on Sunday. We did go and collect some apples from our favorite farm stand on Saturday. Derek bought a whole mess of local cortlands and out did himself with an apple crumble and a few little apple galettes.

My dad always talks about ‘winesap’ apples. We bought two and tried one today. It had a great crisp texture and a nice tart and sweet flavor. The only downside for me was the slightly chalky taste. We’re looking forward to trying the rest of the apples.

One Reply to “Weekend Recap: October 17 – 19”

  1. Logan,Thanks for the “shout out” on winesaps. Sorry to hear about the chalky experience. Winesaps are typically hard to find. My source was Southeast Nebraska and Northwest Missouri. Fell in like with your colorful and robust images and nifty popup captions (descriptors?). Thank you!

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