Week of October 6th – Best of Liver Lovers Unite

Today, Derek and I both have appointments at Lahey. I’m having my 6 month check-in and Derek is getting a flu shot and meeting with his doctors to see how his white blood cells are doing. We are also going to a wedding this weekend so we will have lots to fill you in on next week. Hope you have a great weekend!


1. This is a teaser gif.



You have to click on this link to see what he’s making. I found this mesmerizing.

2. What To Do With Daikon Radishes

Over a year ago, my friend and co-worker, Rude Parasol and I wrote a blog post about Daikon radishes for NHPR. It was one of the top web posts on the NHPR.org website last year and continues to show up on the top viewed posts. It drives people a little crazy since they’re posting well researched news stories. HAHAHAHAHA! Here’s something else you can do with daikon radishes.



3. Astronauts are just the best.

4. Eat Some Pizza

5. Let’s go to Norway!


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