Insert Exciting Weekend Here

Well hello there. The weekend was gone in a flash and between my fall allergies knocking me for a loop and both of us having oodles of homework, not a whole lot got done in the way of adventures. Here’s what we did do.

  • I slept until 10 am on Saturday which leads me to believe I needed the sleep. Derek woke up at his regular time to take his pills and then fell back to sleep on the sofa. Rainy days really suck the life out of everyone in this house apparently.
  • We dropped some donations off at Goodwill and then went to the fabric store so I could start figuring out a project I am working on for December. As you know, Derek and I are heading to Aspen to participate in the Chris Klug Foundation/Donor Dudes Summit for Life. I thought it might be fun to make us custom sweaters that highlight all the organs available for transplant. I started by making a heart prototype:IMG_2021But I am also going to make lungs, a liver, a pancreas, the small intestines and two kidneys for the back of the sweater. The crappy felt from the fabric store is fine for a mock-up, but I found a good source for wool felt which I think will be superior. I need to work out the logistics, but I think it will be a pretty amazing and ridiculous sweater and we will likely be the envy of all the other racers.
  • We made a quick stop at the grocery store for risotto supplies and Derek fulfilled a life-long dream of buying a giant can of tomatoes. He’s still looking for a reason to buy a giant wheel of cheese.IMG_2018
  • On Sunday Derek did some yard work and made an alarming discovery:IMG_2019I tried to chalk it up to a bird that was very itchy, and decided to pluck itself, but it was probably something a little more upsetting. There was no evidence of a body, so maybe it survived? We do have a lot of cats in our neighborhood–as evidenced by the massive amount of poop in our garden–but they always seemed so lame and lazy.
  • Fall is the worst for my allergies and they ramped up on Sunday and forced me to take some pseudoephedrine. I became a foggy mess and and had to take a nap after our weekly trip to the grocery store. I really can’t believe I used to sneeze constantly, year round. It is exhausting. Luckily it’s supposed to freeze overnight, and that usually helps keep the sneezes at bay.


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