Week of September 28th – Best of Liver Lovers Unite

Sometimes you just need a foxy cheerleader to give you a pep talk.
Sometimes you just need a foxy cheerleader to give you a pep talk.

Happy October faithful blog readers. The world keeps spinning,  doobie doobie dooo. Hope you all have a festive fall weekend planned. We’ll be sure to have some kind of adventure this weekend and share it with you on Monday.

1. High Five!

Last year, Derek and I went to spectate the Cigna 5k in Manchester and Derek took it upon himself to give out free high fives to the participants. Many people took him up on the offer and seemed pretty pumped to be getting a free high five. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had watching a 5k. Here is a video of a gentleman giving high fives to people who are hailing cabs.

2. The sun is super cool…uh…I mean really hot.

Click the sun for more cool, er, hot images. Also, this is an accurate gif of what my stomach felt like after surgery.


sun gif

3. Symmetrical Photographs of Hong Kong’s Towering High Rises

I’m not able to mentally process that these are photographs of real things.

4. Apparently Benedict Cumberbatch can’t pronounce the word ‘penguin’.

5. The 4 Essential Elements You Need For A Good Story

Pretty good advice.





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